purple mix containerPRODUCT LINE

Our state-of-the-art greenhouses cover more than 1M square feet of indoor production and 31 acres of outdoor growing space, in four locations, employing 250 + people year around. We are a premier grower that services national accounts in 48 states. Our current product line consists of holiday plants, flowering indoor, pre-finished spring bulbs, potted spring annuals, garden mums and fall cool crops. We produce plants for bulb promotions, tabs, and numerous other promotional events throughout the year.  We are shipping finished product for market over 46 weeks of the year.

The Mast Young Plant Division produces spring liners, fall seedlings, mum and poinsettia liners.  We are producing and shipping young plants 52 weeks of the year.  Mast Young Plants is also home to our spectacular trial gardens. The gardens were designed to allow visitors to judge not only the garden performance of a wide assortment of varieties, but also to gather new ideas on what varieties can be combined. We are also a featured stop on the Michigan Garden Plant Tour in August with over 1,000 visitors annually.

Featured in the gardens are: 20 raised beds with over 400 varieties in a landscape setting including both sun and shade areas, over 200 hanging basket and 400 combination pots.   The trial gardens at Mast Young Plants have been in existence for over 6 years. Each item is clearly labeled to make your evaluations very easy. Many of the ideas for the mixed pot combinations and hanging baskets come from our own finished production and have proven themselves to be winners at the retail level.

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NMG 4525 Four Mile Road NW Facilities  NMG 1780 Four Mile Road NW Facilities  NMG/MYP 3525 Bristol NW Facilities



Great customer service means more than just a friendly voice on the other end of the phone.  It means doing what is right for the customer day-in and day-out.  Our customers rely on us to help ensure they are in stock everyday with great selling items.  In order to meet that goal, we know that we must deliver our plants on time, when they’re needed, and in “greenhouse” condition every time.  This commitment to excellence is at the heart of the service partnership we strive to form with our customers.

We pride ourselves on being flexible for our customers – capable of handling events and promotions that cover large, geographical areas. That flexibility also enables us to consistently handle multiple events and promotions that overlap. Our adaptability allows us to make last minute order changes when needed, use multiple delivery methods and deliver our plants to the marketplace no matter the location.

From our docks in Grand Rapids, MI we are able to ship our plants directly to 48 states using DSD (Direct Store Delivery) and DCD (Distribution Center Delivery). We ship on rolling racks, pallet-shippers and in boxes; and we utilize trailers equipped with lifts in order to make unloading as easy as possible. Each year, our trucks cover nearly 1.2 million miles delivering our plants – enough to circle the earth 47 times!